Testolic – Testosterone Propionate- Body Research (50 mg/ml) 2 ml

Testolic - Testosterone Propionate- Body Research

Testolic – Testosterone Propionate- Body Research (50 mg/ml) 2 ml

Testolic – Testosterone Propionate- Body Research (50 mg/ml) 2 ml

Testolic - Testosterone Propionate Information

Product: Testolic Manufacturer: Body Research Quantity: 50 mg/ml Pack: 2 ml Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking Active substance: Testosterone Propionate
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2 ml, 50 mg/ml, anabolic steroid, body research, hormone replacement therapy, Injectable, muscle growth, performance enhancement, testolic, testosterone propionate
Testolic - Testosterone Propionate- Body Research

Testolic – Testosterone Propionate Information

Testolic, containing the active constituent “Testosterone Propionate,” is manufactured and traded by Body Research – a well-reputed and qualified pharmaceutical company located in Thailand, recognized for its highly esteemed wide range of anabolic steroids with guaranteed high quality.

It stands as the earliest drug in the category of anabolic and androgenic steroids. This injectable alternative is primarily responsible for a wide range of anabolic responses such as:

  • Nitrogen preservation
  • Protein storage
  • IGF-1 production (tissue strengthening, healing, anti-ageing effects, and autoimmunity)
  • Significantly contributing to muscle growth and development
  • Reversal of catabolism
  • Prevention of muscle wasting processes

Testosterone propionate is highly esteemed in bodybuilding circles due to its innate ability to offer extreme muscle growth and prolific strength.

Athletes can feel entirely at ease using this remarkable supplement as it aids in the quick recovery of fatigued muscles resulting from heavy and strenuous physical activities.

Dosage and Course

The standard prescribed dosage for male athletes is 50-150 mg.

It can be administered every day or after 3 days.

An optimal dose for beginners and intermediate trainers is 25-50 mg/day.

The specific course duration should not exceed the prescribed 8-week period.

Metabolites of the drug can be detected for up to 3 weeks. Testabolic is a short-acting drug due to the short-chain propionate ester attached to the parent molecule. The active life period of testosterone propionate is 1-3 days. Therefore, it is quickly released from the body, yet it behaves equally efficiently. Some ancillary drugs such as Proviron or Arimidex will be suitable in the washout phase after the conclusion of the steroid cycle Stacking it with Deca and Dianabol for the bulking phase is the best option; however, a combination with Winstrol is good for the cutting phase as well.